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These Dreams

May you have grown mature
May you be so different than you were
May somewhere that aroma of beauty still lies
In the arms of one who holds you tight

But still, often I dream of you
You are still the same you were
That spotless beauty and naivety
That blissful smile and credulity

I see somewhere you wait for me
The desperate I am to be yours forever
Always I search for a boat that leads to your end
But, your evanescence in these merciless dreams
Stops me somewhere and never I made it

May these intermittent dreams last endlessly
May you be young till the eternity
May I never find the boat that I search
And so, you’ll be mine till I dream
Fancy it be, but forever it remains

– Saurab Dulal 5.28.17

Saurab Dulal
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