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While the nation plagues
Of unjust, terror, and violence
Of coercion, killing, and murder
By a Nepali
To a Nepali
Feelings that you are a Nepali
Extinct to exist in reality
With the crisis of national security
Looming all the while
How can one seek individual security?

With the crisis of character,
Nationalism, patriotism, and humanity
And lack of liability of being Nepali
Can we march an abyss of
What you call insurgency, terror
And acts of violence?

For the victim of violence
There should be no difference
Between a protester killed fighting his equality
And a high-profile policeman
They are all martyrs of the fact
That we are the victims of unjust and lawlessness

While an ominous owl moans
Sitting at the heart of the nation
In the form of identity crisis
It is just unjust
For us the Nepalese
To collect a crowd for a debate
Then to chase away that misfortune
With a united voice
With a forged action
And with forceful determination

Don’t just show fingers to each other – politicians
Don’t just engage in chats- Intellectuals
Don’t just remain silent- Businessman
At the time of crisis
Listen to what your mother says
Listen to what your mother pleads
Look! she is all shattered,
shattered to see her children fight for their own blood

Think of what to think to act
Give life a chance if you can react
While you stand for own goal and realism
A mother begs for peace, justice, and emancipation
A voice heard in a deep silence
and a companion in a disparity
Look! you have morphed into a real man
And you are a patriot you think, then you should see the blood
In that soil you grew up

Breaking a long silence of captivity
Bursting the resistance of passivity
Oh! poor Nepalese, stand up to built your own future
Emerge out of suffocation to satisfy your thirst
By the water of equality and brotherhood
The water that awaits to shine from a long ago

Feeling that you are a Nepali
Message that you love harmony
Is the hidden truth
The truth that’s unseen and untold
By a Madheshi to a Himali,
Offer to shake hands in happiness
Rise beyond the skin to be human in trouble
A positive discrimination with an artless heart
can lead a stranger to the right path they need

Feeling that you are a Nepali
Message that you love peace
Is all that we need, till the eternity, in the land, where the pheasants sing.

– All credit of the poem goes to an anonymous

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