About me

A child dreamed of being a cricketer ended creating a first English cricketing blog www.CricketConcern.com in Nepal, back in 2007. After realizing that the physics and the cosmology was not my dish but rather neighbors’ fragrance, I dove into computer science and started my career as a retail data analyst. Slowly, I started feeling more passionate about distributed computing and content-centric networking. Gladly, now I am engaged in NDN(Name Data Networking) research at The University of Memphis under Prof. Dr. Lang Wang

Technically, I am a Computer Engineer with functional and technical expertise in content-centric networking, routing, data analysis, data mining, and data visualization. Also have a few years of experience with Oracle Retail Suite, Teradata, and MicroStrategy. Additionally, I have volunteered for Dr. Mahabir Pun - Ramon Magsaysay winner in his various social initiatives such as National Innovation Center, Nepal Wireless Project, Trail Guard System etc.

Email: dulal.saurab@gmail.com

My Resume: